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OK, I never watched House. Now that it’s on Netflix I gave it a shot… I gotta know, does the whole series go overboard on color grading? Because going by the pilot, House takes place in a world where only orange exists… Unless it’s raining. Then only blue exists. Green is right out. Hard to give much of a crap about the story when my mind is going “The color why just why?”

Color grading in the early 2000s, like lens flares when Photoshop first came out.


Ponies by CuppycakeSprinkles


1. Single moms are the problem. Only 9 percent of low-income, urban moms have been single throughout their child’s first five years. Thirty-five percent were married to, or in a relationship with, the child’s father for that entire time.

2. Absent dads are the problem. Sixty percent of low-income dads see at least one of their children daily. Another 16 percent see their children weekly.

3. Black dads are the problem. Among men who don’t live with their children, black fathers are more likely than white or Hispanic dads to have a daily presence in their kids’ lives.

4. Poor people are lazy. In 2004, there was at least one adult with a job in 60 percent of families on food stamps that had both kids and a nondisabled, working-age adult.

5. If you’re not officially poor, you’re doing okay. The federal poverty line for a family of two parents and two children in 2012 was $23,283. Basic needs cost at least twice that in 615 of America’s cities and regions.

6. Go to college, get out of poverty. In 2012, about 1.1 million people who made less than $25,000 a year, worked full time, and were heads of household had a bachelor’s degree.

7. We’re winning the war on poverty. The number of households with children living on less than $2 a day per person has grown 160 percent since 1996, to 1.65 million families in 2011.

8. The days of old ladies eating cat food are over. The share of elderly single women living in extreme poverty jumped 31 percent from 2011 to 2012.

9. The homeless are drunk street people. One in 45 kids in the United States experiences homelessness each year. In New York City alone, 22,000 children are homeless.

10. Handouts are bankrupting us. In 2012, total welfare funding was 0.47 percent of the federal budget.


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pones pones pones


George Takei,

You rule. 

Wit beyond measure is man’s greatest treasure.


BLOG: Wit beyond measure is man’s greatest treasure.


When our kids were little, they loved Harry Potter, especially Ryan, who has the exact same birthday at Harry.

I never read the books because of reasons, and I only saw the first couple of movies, also because of reasons.

Recently, Anne and I decided that we would finally read the books, and we’re about halfway through the first one (I’m a couple chapters ahead of Anne, because I had some time on…

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As a fellow Ravenclaw, welcome! 

It’s funny, I’ve been sorted into Ravenclaw on every ‘which house are you’ quiz I’ve ever taken, all the way back to the days of LiveJournal. Even went it Pottermore awhile back because I figured I should make it ‘official.’ Blue and bronze all the way! Not going to fight it. I’m a Ravenclaw and always will be, and I’m happy with that. 

Advice needed

I still don’t have Photoshop on my new(ish) computer (that I got in large part to do digital artwork) because I can’t find my CS3 disk, and I can’t afford a buying a new copy.
Does anyone know of an alternative, something good but fits into a poor person’s budget? I’d like to get back to arting, but lack of PS is a big problem when it comes to that.
While on the subject, I currently have the oldest, most beat up, tiniest tablet Wacom ever made. Has any artist out there upgraded their tablet and maybe have their old one laying around? Does it still work and is it bigger than five by three inches? Maybe we could work out a deal.






I know I already posted the video before, but I’m glad to see others agreeing that’s it’s so great. So, here’s another chance to watch it. Or, watch it again. 




"A Sticky Situation" (1960) by Carl Barks

I like how advertising is literally still exactly as sexist as they’re joking about in this comic from 54 years ago.



Harpy Comic Update
When will this dumb party be over?!

Why aren’t you reading Harpy Gee? Are you allergic to awesome? Do you hate yourself? 


Harpy Comic Update

When will this dumb party be over?!

Why aren’t you reading Harpy Gee? Are you allergic to awesome? Do you hate yourself?