John Oliver, Ladies and gents. 

My crazy phobia

I’d like to introduce you to my totally irrational “fear”:

Tokyo, seen from above, as it stretches to the horizon. 

For example,

Thankfully, it’s not a full-blown, run screaming kind of phobia. It’s more of a sudden mild anxiety, rapid breathing kind of phobia. And it’s just Tokyo. Which is weird. 

First time I had a “Tokyo attack” was in a college Japanese class. Sensei passed around some pictures of Japan and two of them were of Tokyo seen from above.

Something about how the city just went on and on, as far as the eye could see, just buildings to the horizon…where other cities would end Tokyo just kept going. That’s where San Francisco would end. Tokyo kept going. That’s where LA would end. That’s where New York wold end. Tokyo kept going, with spurts of large building cropping up even past there. I just had a sudden burst of panic and passed those pictures on as quick as I could. 

I can look at other large cities from above and not have a reaction. I’m guessing Shanghai or Beijing might do it to me, but good luck finding a picture of those cities where you can see to the horizon. The air quality is so shit. 

It’s just Tokyo, and it’s because it seems to be a big, flat city that never stops being a big city. These’s no place in these kinds of images where the city stops being a big city. There’s no outskirts. There’s no suburbs, areas of one or two story houses. There’s certainly no nature. It’s like looking into the impossible, being presented with a reality that, it seems, should not be able to exist. And yet, there it is. 

I don’t know what it is about that combination, the infinite city to the horizon, that causes a mild panic reaction in my brain. I have no problem with large cities from the ground. I’d have no problem being in Tokyo. I have no problem with large cities looking directly down. It’s something to do with the city reaching the horizon, I think. 

So, Tokyofromaboveophobia, I guess it is. Or Citytothehorizonophobia. Whatever it is, I’ve never seen any other mention of it. With so many people in the world, I doubt I’m the only one with this reaction, but it doesn’t seem like there are many others. Like I said, it’s not a fear of large cities, it’s more of a fear of certain view or image of large cities, Tokyo, apparently, specifically, because no other city seems to fit the criteria. 

So, yeah, that’s my nonsensical, illogical and irrational phobia. Thankfully, it’s mild. 

I’ll end this with a nice, pretty, time-lapse of clouds over Tokyo. For the record, not panic-inducing. The horizon is rarely seen and most views have visible open areas, green spaces, the bay, etc. 


I can’t be the only one who thought of this, right?

Seo’s Valentine’s chocolate story

I miss this series already. 


The Haunted Dollhouse~ 


(I want this so very much) 

Sometimes I think, dollhouses, maybe that’s the pastime for me. 

Edit to add: I was virtually there when playing WildStar. Decorating the inside of my houses was the most fun I had in that game. 

Everyone is lonely. 



This is so amazing. SO AMAZING.


holla holla holla holla my naaaaaaaaaaaaame.



After walking though a field my socks were so cold. 

They were full of burs. 


How can you tell if a dress is male or female? 

Check to see if it’s been hemmed. 

The skies were overcast and the weather site said a 40% chance of rain. But, then it cleared up and there was no rain. It’s like when something wonderful might happen, but then it doesn’t… Sorry. I’m feeling too let down to think of examples.